Dangerous Things in the Nursery

Ensuring that the baby’s nursery is safe is important because there are many deaths which have been reported as a result of accidents in the nursery that could have been avoided. Research shows that five products are considered dangerous and are the main cause of death in infants. They include mattresses/cribs, cradles playpens, baby baths, and baby bouncers.


Cribs and Mattresses

These are the most dangerous. Extra beddings, blankets, comforters and crib bumpers lead to infant asphyxiation and can result in deaths. 


Bassinets and Cradles

Pillows and hazards around the bassinet can lead to death. Therefore it is recommended that you use cradles with snug-fitting mattresses and avoid teddy bears or pillows. Ensure that you buy bassinet and cradles that comply with safe sleeping recommendations.


Playpens and Play yards

They are responsible for many infant deaths. Extra beddings, pillows, and blankets in the play yards can lead to death. Also, improvised cover, ill-fitting mattresses collapsed side rails are all dangerous in the play yards or playpens.



If the child is left in the tub unattended to, it can result in accidents and deaths. Mothers should never leave the baby in the bath even when they are called to attend to an emergency. Also, ensure that baby’s baths are only filled 2-4 inches and should only be used by babies whose age is under the recommended weight, height and age limits.


Bouncer Seats

When babies fall from the bouncer table, it can result in death. Ensure that you don’t put the bouncer on the table or elevated surfaces.

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  • Dan Canfield
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