Changes after pregnancy

Changes after pregnancy

After the baby’s arrival, the mother should expect some changes with her body. Skin discoloration, hair loss, breast enlargement, stomach changes ,vaginal pain, discharge, and swollen legs are perhaps the most common changes that the expectant mother should expect to see.  This post looks at some of these changes and what the mother should do.

Hair Loss

Large amounts of hair may be lost a few weeks after giving birth. About 100 hairs could be lost per day. While pregnant, the expectant mother may not lose hair due to the raging hormones. However, as soon as the pregnancy is over, the body must compensate for the extra hair by making her lose more hair. This will happen in the first 6 months after giving birth. The mother should not panic when it happens because hair growth will soon set in.

Skin Discoloration

The tan coloration that appears around the eyes when pregnant will start fading immediately after you give birth. In some women, a red hush around the mouth will be experienced while some women will suffer from dry skin. These are temporary changes that should be gone within a few weeks.

Breast Changes

The breasts are likely to become swollen and more flushed after delivering. They get engorged with milk two days after giving birth. They may sag and stretch the skin and in some cases, milk leakage may be experienced as well.

Changes in the Stomach

Immediately after you give birth, your uterus will still be hard and can be felt even when you touch the naval. However, after about 6 weeks, the weight drops from 2.5 pounds to about 2 ounces. This way you will no longer feel it pressing on your abdomen. The brown line that is normally drawn at the center of the lower abdomen disappears. However, the stretch marks will take some time before they disappear if present. These changes should not worry you. Stomach exercises like sit-ups can help to get your tummy flat.


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