Caring for children with special needs


Firstly, you need to appreciate that children with special needs are human beings and have the same needs like other children. As such, they need to feel comfortable, loved and secure.  Working with these children will be more rewarding if you understand their needs and give them appropriate support.

Identify the need so that you can prepare yourself to handle the child. Remember that each need and disability is unique. The age too is important and should help you decide what is best for the child. The ability and the severity of the challenge should form the cornerstone of what you do.

The children should be taught skills to keep them busy. Do not be in a hurry to teach them the skill as it takes time but eventually they will master it. Note that these children need to be encouraged and praised for every little effort they make. Use the child’s first language and teaching aids where possible.

Talk to the families to supplement your efforts when the children are in their custody.




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  • Dan Canfield
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