Bringing up identical twins

Bringing up identical twins

Identical twins come about when a fertilized egg splits into two and results in children with the same DNA. Not many parents have a chance to experience bringing up identical twins. It comes with challenges that make it difficult to raise up these children. 

First, it is critical that you foster a sense of personality in each of the children. It helps them to understand that they are different from child their twin.  Avoid the temptations of calling them twins because when you do this, it helps to lump them into one person.  Also, it is critical that you avoid contrasting and comparing them because it fosters rivalry.

Have a clear routine for the children and ensure that you follow it. It helps to ensure that the children are fed, bathed and even have their diapers changed. Having a journal in which you list how much each child has eaten can help you decide on which one should be fed first.




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