Bottle Feeding

Bottle Feeding

Here are some helpful guidelines if you choose to bottle feed your baby. 

Baby should only be breastfed when hungry

The child should be held in an upright position. Don’t allow the baby to drink from the bottle when lying as this can lead to ear infections.

As you continue bottle-feeding, ensure that you change the baby from side to side. It stimulates the eyes and development and also helps to thwart the development of side preference.

The baby should gently draw the nipple of the bottle, this allows for them to control the feeding. It is recommended that you stroke the baby’s mouth with the nipple as that  helps to elicit a rooting response. 

Encourage pauses as the baby is bottle-fed to reduce the chance of guzzling  and allow the baby to feed to satiation and not finish the content of the bottle.

If you notice that the baby releases the nipple bottle before finishing the content, it is a sign that they are done!

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  • Dan Canfield
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