Best Ways to Stop Overeating

Best Ways to Stop Overeating

The best way to stop overeating is to train yourself to eat just enough food to help you stay satisfied. This way, you will control your caloric intake and prevent problems associated with overeating. 

 Make Use of the Hunger Scale

Figure out your food needs and only eat when your stomach starts growling or when feeling hungry. Stop eating once you feel that your belly has started bloating or the food has become tasteless. 

Eat Some Food Every 4 Hours

When you eat regularly, it keeps your energy and blood levels stable. It prevents you from feeling extremely hungry and helps you to eat less. If you feel hungry before the next meal, eat a snack with less than 150 calories.

Eat breakfast

Eat breakfast consisting of carbohydrates, protein and fat to help you stay satisfied and eat less during the day. Any meal with less than 250 calories is good.

Prepare High Volume Foods

Eat food with high fluid content to suppress hunger and fill your belly. Foods such as vegetables and fruits have a high water content, fill your belly fast and will help you to eat less calories.

Eat Foods Loaded With Fiber

When you eat fiber loaded food, it will help you to feel full faster and stay satisfied for many hours. These foods are higher in volume and will fill up your belly faster and reduce the amount of calories you eat. In addition, they reduce the risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes. Produce such as carrot, apple are loaded with natural fiber, and could be eaten as a snack.

Include Protein in Your Meals

Researchers have found that when you eat high protein foods, you feel less hungry. Foods such as white eggs, skinless chicken, tuna, beans and a serving of meat are good sources of protein and will help you avoid filling your belly with carbs.

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