Best foods for a 10 month old baby


If your baby is between 10 to 12 months old, you must find foods that are nutritious, but liked by children in this age bracket. Note that not all babies will eat all types of foods you will give them. They may even refuse to eat their favorite foods as well. It is possible that a 10 month old baby may refuse to be fed and may want to feed himself. In addition, he may show some preference to certain foods. This article looks at some of the foods that are preferred by 10 months old children.

Cereals & Grains.

Cereals - let the child feed on whole grain foods.

Fruits - start making your own fruit combinations and determine those that the child is comfortable with. It is vital to remember that some fruits cause reactions because of acidity. Because of this, it is recommended that you go slowly when you decide to introduce citrus fruits.  

Veggies - if they are cooked well, they make a very good meal for babies. Introduce soft cooked veggies & tomato and check if there is any reaction

Meat & Proteins - At the age of 10 -12 months, you can introduce white fleshed fish or any other type of fish that can easily be found in your locality. Baked fish can be served with steamed veggies, if salmon is available, makes a great meal for your baby on daily bases.

At 10 months, the baby could be switching from breast milk to whole or formula milk. To help ease the change, it is recommended that you offer ½ formula, ½ breast and ½ milk whole milk during the transition period.


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