Benefits of massaging your baby

Benefits of massaging your baby

Babies communicate with their environment through the sense of touch. The power of touching is important to the newborn since it is instinctive and soothing. Normally, when a baby cries, the first thing that comes to our mind is to pick them up, cuddle and massage. This is a natural impulse that comes with great benefits to the baby. Massing your child comes with the following benefits:


It encourages positive bonding between the baby and  parents. It helps to create an intimate relationship between the mother and the baby. Massage your baby every now and then to help develop the bond.


It Helps the Mother to Become More Confident

Massaging the baby makes new mothers become confident in handling the child. It helps her identify the baby’s needs and allows her to learn the clues for each need. This helps her to understand the baby even more.

Health Benefits

Massaging the baby comes with some physiological benefits which improve how the baby breaths and sleep. It also improves blood circulation, the lymph and the gastrointestinal function.

Calming Effect

When you massage your baby, it helps to calm the nervous system and helps to raise the feel-good hormones making both the mother and the baby relax. It relaxes the muscles allows the child to breathe deeply and nourishes the child’s skin. Also, it helps to stimulate the skin and trigger the nervous system.


Massaging the baby provides relief and helps to ease constipation, colic and removes trapped wind. Thus, it is recommended that you massage the baby at least every other day to help him benefit from massage.


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