9 things you need to know about your newborn


If you are a first time mother, knowing how to take care of your new born child is important  because it plays a role in helping the little baby grow in a healthy way. The following is a list of things that all new parents must know.

  • The more the money and time spent decorating the nursery, the more the chances that the baby will reject it and choose to sleep in your room.
  • Bright light and loud noise will certainly wake up a sleeping baby
  • Many people will tell you a lot of things about how the baby looks so don't be offended by anything as they are just trying to make conversation.
  • Many parents fear cutting the baby’s nails because they think it will make them bleed. Unfortunately, if you don’t cut the nails, the baby will scratch themselves.
  • Eating a lot and sleeping a lot should be cherished in babies even though the same can never be admired in adults.
  • Mastering sounds that farm animals make is important because it is a priority when teaching the child how to talk.
  • When your baby is asleep, you can also use the opportunity to catch a nap
  • If a new born baby is kept dry, it makes the umbilical cord fall off faster.
  • Babies must be fed every 2- 3 hours. In the early days, you can use the baby’s weight to determine whether the baby is being fed well or not. The baby may lose 5-8 % of their birth weight in the first week and should gain it back by the second week.

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