Traveling safe while trying to conceive or pregnant


Traveling can require several days, weeks or even months of planning and preparation for most people. One has to make sure they have everything taken care of such as travel accommodations, money, clothes, and their mode of transportation amongst other things. However when one is trying to conceive or is pregnant, travel may require some special accommodations which can require consulting with a physician.

For example, especially in light of many of the new strains as well as types of disease, international travel may not be a good idea. This is due to the fact that many of these diseases may have an impact on the reproductive health of a woman who is trying to conceive. They may also cause issues which could possibly impact the development of the unborn child if the woman does conceive at a later time. For women who are pregnant, contracting a disease while traveling abroad could put her at risk for many complications. These complications can include but are not limited to: miscarriage, birth defects, systemic infection and pre-term labor. Being treated for these type of infections while trying to conceive or while pregnant may be difficult depending on the language barriers and cleanliness of countries visited. Before traveling abroad, women should consult with their physician to see if it is right for them, and what risks are involved. Some countries require vaccinations or other medical treatment prior to visiting, and these treatments are good to discuss with a care provider on their effects on women.

The mode of travel, and length of travel should also be discussed. Long air travel times can cause issues such as blood clots, and other circulation issues. Long car travel times may pose the same risk. This should be discussed with care providers so that tips can be given on how to travel to avoid complications. Tips may also be given on comfort techniques while pregnant, as well as if travel is not recommended due to certain risk factors involved in both mentioned groups.

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