Keeping the house clean while pregnant


Maintenance of the home environment by keeping it clean is on everybody’s to-do list. It can take time to make the home nice and sparkly, and also require a nice array of cleansing products and supplies. This can be a total body workout for those who aren’t pregnant, let alone for a pregnant woman. It can also involve inhaling a lot of different chemical compounds along with possibly getting chemicals on one’s skin. All along with carrying the weight of a changing pregnant body and developing baby. This is why pregnant women should use a bit of caution when it comes to keeping house while pregnant.

For starters, pregnant women should look for cleaning products which are not as toxic as conventional household products. There are many “green” products on the market now which are less toxic than their conventional counterparts. There are also a lot of DIY cleaning product recipes that use natural ingredients that can be found in the home or picked up at most stores. However, when using DIY recipes, one should research the ingredients listed, as some ingredients such as certain essential oils should not be used during pregnancy. If, one insists on using commercial products during pregnancy, care should be taken that proper ventilation is provided when using the products. Proper ventilation can include keeping a window open, or keeping the door open. A paper facial mask may also be used, and elbow length cleaning gloves should be worn to help minimize chemical contact. Proper handwashing should be done after using cleaning products to thoroughly remove any chemicals that one may have encountered.

Certain tasks such as removing kitty litter and other chores that involve pet waste or that pose risk to the unborn fetus should be avoided completely by the pregnant woman. Other members of the household should take care of these chores. While cleaning the pregnant woman should make sure to take frequent breaks so not to stress her body. If contractions or other complications ensue, she should stop cleaning until they stop. If necessary, a care provider should be contacted.

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