Choosing the right bottle for your baby


There are many bottles on the market today for parents to choose from. However, not all bottles are created equal, even though they may appear to have the same function. So what, is a parent to do when there are so many brands and types to choose from?

First a parent should consider how they are going to feed their child. If possible, this should be discussed during the pregnancy. In this way, parents can discuss with their medical care team the best options for when it comes to choosing the right bottle. For example, some parents want to breastfeed as well as formula feed. This can require using a bottle that will allow for bottle feeding with formula to take place without causing nipple confusion. Parents should look for bottles that have a natural breast like nipple to help avoid confusion. Parents should also check for a bottle that allow for the fluid to flow as the breast does. Parents who are feeding their baby expressed breast milk should also find a bottle of similar make up. Parents who are using formula only to feed their babies, should find a bottle that works well with their baby. Each baby is different, and their nipple preference can vary. Parents should also take into consideration the age of their baby when choosing the bottle.

For children who have special needs such as cleft palate or other developmental issues, there are special bottles that will make the feeding process much easier. These type of bottles are usually prescribed by the pediatrician or other medical care professionals who care for the child. As the child improves in their developmental abilities and/or has the surgery needed to correct the problem, they may be able to switch to a more common bottle.

These are just a few tips on how to make the right decision in choosing the right bottle for your baby.


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