Why you should be funny with your baby


Many times parents just think that being silly with their baby is only good to elicit a smile or giggle from them. However, being silly not only makes a baby smile and giggle, it also encourages social, emotional and language development.

When we make funny faces especially faces of surprise or happiness, the baby learns to associate feelings with facial expressions. The baby will also learn how to mimic the same faces that their parent makes. This will help them to know how to make facial expressions when they feel the same way as they grow. Changing expressions while reading stories to a baby also help the baby learn to express themselves. There are several books on the market that engage both parent and baby in fun.

Making funny sounds along with the funny faces are also of great help to baby’s development. This helps the baby to learn how to make different sounds that match the facial expressions. Parents should try to use different sounds with different facial expressions when possible.

Playing games with baby are also of time of fun and bonding. These games can be used as a part of tummy time. Parents can play hide and go seek under a blanket during tummy time. Parents can also hide toys and make funny faces when asking their baby where the toy is. This will not only help with social skills but other skills such as gross and fine motor.

Having a baby and helping them to develop into the best, brightest and smartest baby they can be is hard work and serious business. However, making sure that one spends some quality yet silly time with their little one helps to keep things in balance. A healthy life is a balanced life!

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