Caffeine During Pregnancy


Mostly everybody on the planet, has a very busy schedule, and they are running on limited energy. To get a quick boost, many turn to coffee and other caffeinated drinks. This is okay to a certain degree for most. However, when a woman is pregnant she should keep a watchful eye on how much caffeine she consumes. It may be hard for some mothers to stop consuming caffeine while pregnant especially when feeling fatigued. The fatigue of pregnancy may drive some women to consume more while pregnant.

Caffeine when consumed during pregnancy not only affects the pregnant mother but the developing child as well. Caffeine that is consumed while pregnant can lead to increased blood pressure, increased heart rate and dehydration in the mother. Caffeine also crosses the placenta and affects the unborn baby who cannot metabolize caffeine in the same way as an adult can. In unborn babies, caffeine has been known to cause changes in movement patterns, jittery movements and increased heart rate. Some studies also state that excess coffee consumption can cause miscarriage and preterm labor.

When one thinks of consuming caffeine, the only thing that usually comes to mind is coffee. However caffeine can be found in many products. Common products that contain caffeine are teas, chocolate, and certain pain medications.

When it comes to caffeine consumption, an expectant mother should consult with her medical care professional to see what amount if any is safe to consume while pregnant. Some medical professionals only recommend that pregnant women should only consume 150 mg of coffee per day. 150 mg of caffeine is the amount in a twelve ounce cup of coffee. Some medical professionals say that 300 mg of caffeine per day is safe. The recommended amount can differ based on medical history and other factors.

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