What to know about having a water birth.


Water birth has been a hot topic in the natural birth world for a couple of years now. It comes with a lot of pros, cons, questions, concerns and the like. Many tout having a water birth as one of the best birthing experiences they have had (usually mothers who have experienced birth in a hospital or a birth outside of water). First time mothers who go for a water birth also have given rave reviews about water birth as well, especially when it comes to pain relief. However, some who are skeptical may not go along to well with water birth. They may question its safety of both mother and baby, about medical intervention and other questions.

This is one reason why research along with communication with a midwife and an OB/GYN is of great importance when it comes to the topic of water birth. Doulas and childbirth educators may also be part of the discussion as well. In this way, there can be fact based as well as evidence based data and information exchanged. It also allows for effective questions and answer sessions between parents and care providers. Resources may also be provided such as books, pamphlets and other pertinent information regarding birthing in water. Care providers can also employ the use of medical exams to monitor the pregnancy to make sure that water birthing is suitable. Some pregnancies may be high risk, and water birthing is not a suitable option. The midwife and/or OB/GYN can also help you find facilities that offer water birthing options, if they do not have water birth options at their place of practice. If one is having a water birth at home, options and resources may be provided for that as well.

When considering water birth, good education, care and precautions can make it a birth to remember.

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