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The cold and flu season is well on its way, this can bring misery for most, especially if they are pregnant. Dealing with new hormones, discomforts, and bodily changes can be hard enough. Add coughing, sneezing, fever and other factors can bring a pregnant woman to tears. So what can a pregnant woman do to minimize her risk of catching cold this winter?

One is to practice really good hygiene. Cold and flu is mostly spread by contact with others, and contact with objects contaminated with contagious germs. This is why frequent handwashing is important. Frequently washing hands helps to avoid spreading germs that cause colds and flu. Using sanitizer in instances where handwashing is not readily available also helps. Keeping surfaces clean, such as remote controls, tech devices, door knobs and other frequently touched areas helps to keep colds at bay as well. Also try to avoid putting unclean hands in the eyes, nose, and mouth area to minimize catching cold.

During the cold and flu season, a pregnant woman should make sure to choose healthier foods. Sugar laden foods such as cakes and pies are okay in moderation. However, too much sugar can weaken the immune system and lengthen recovery time. Instead fresh fruits and vegetables that are rich in vitamin C and other immune system nourishing vitamins are a better choice. Hot beverages in the form of pregnancy safe teas or hot water and lemon are also of benefit. They can help to keep extra mucus flushed out of the body. Hot soups are also nourishing and beneficial as well.

Plenty of rest also helps the immune system. Keeping the bed nice and comfortable, and taking naps throughout the day can help reduce the chance of cold.

Don’t let cold and flu get you down this season, follow the above tips to help minimize your risk!

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