Preparing for breastfeeding while pregnant


Many times, the choice between bottle feeding and breastfeeding the baby that is on the way will be made during the pregnancy. Whatever choice is made, it is good to prepare to the best of one’s ability. In this article, we will discuss preparing for breastfeeding.

When the choice has been made to breastfeed, the mother to be should discuss this decision with their partner and/or family. The mother to be should also discuss her decision with her health care providers. This allows for the mother to get the support she needs for her choice, it also allows for her to gather breastfeeding support resources. The mother may also be referred to a lactation counselor for more resources and to set up postnatal support and education.

It is also good for the mother to be to read many books on breast feeding to help her to prepare as much as possible. This is especially true for first time mothers. Reading as much during the prenatal period, allows for the mother to ask for any clarification or help with the material that she read. It can also allow for the mother to clear up any problems such as physical issues or medications that may interfere with breastfeeding. Reading breastfeeding books along with communicating with health care professionals can also clear up any misconceptions about preparedness such as toughening the nipples for breastfeeding.

If one decides to breastfeed during pregnancy, it also allows it to be written down on the birth plan if the mother so desires to create one. It also provides the mother a chance to acquire things needed for breastfeeding such as a breast pump, nursing bras and other items.

Doing the above before giving birth, can help to make the journey to breastfeeding a little bit easier for both mom and baby.

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