Staying Comfortable in your last trimester

Staying Comfortable in your last trimester

So, your pregnancy is nearing its end, you’re in your last trimester. You may feel very big and uncomfortable, and wonder how you are going to endure these last three months or less. You may wonder what you can do to ease your discomfort. In this piece, a few tips will be offered that can help you get through the end of your pregnancy.

One way is to ask for help. Sometimes, when a woman is pregnant she kind of wishes she could move around like she used to do. This can cause her to try to do things without any assistance. However overworking one-self can lead to more discomfort. When possible, a pregnant woman should ask for assistance with household chores such as cooking and doing laundry. Having help with running errands is also of great help when far along in pregnancy. This helps to eliminate fatigue and allow rest for the expectant mother. More naps should be added to one’s schedule if possible. Resting more, especially with the legs up allows the body to rejuvenate itself from carrying more weight.

Wearing comfortable clothes also helps. There are a variety of clothes that women can wear that are stylish yet accommodating to a pregnant waistline. Wearing well- fitting clothes and well-fitting shoes a little bit easier to be comfortable.

If one still has to work in their late pregnancy, a pregnant woman should take rest breaks as often as possible. If working an office job, a comfortable office chair should be sought. If a comfortable chair is not available, finding pillows that offer back and neck support should be placed in the chair. At home, furniture that is supportive should be placed in the home. A pregnancy support pillow in the bed can also be used when resting. Warm showers are also of great benefit when at home to help relieve any discomforts that may arise.


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