Keeping your earlobes in top health!


Most every woman has their ears pierced so that they are able to wear a beautiful pair of earrings or other ear adornment. Some women have had their ears pierced before they could even talk, some waited until they were of age to have them pierced. However, whatever age one got their ears pierced, it makes it easier for the ear hole/ ear lobe to be torn. This can make it near impossible to ever wear earrings again, if proper care is not taken to avoid this.

Earrings that are too big and/or heavy can weigh down on the ear lobe. Over time this can weaken the ear lobe causing it to tear and even rip in half in some cases. Care should be taken to avoid earrings that are too heavy or big for the ear to handle.

Earrings that dangle can also prove damaging. Earrings that dangle can easily catch on something such as an article of clothing. If the article of clothing gets pulled on such as when removing the clothing, it can in turn snatch the earring out possibly causing a tear.  Dangling earrings also seem to charm children especially babies. The baby will want to play with the earring and mistakenly pull too hard on the earring causing a tear or rip.  Earrings that dangle should be avoided around small children and checked often to make sure they have not caught on clothing.

As one ages, the skin on the earlobe gets thinner. Therefore this can make one more prone to the earlobe tearing. Care should be taken when choosing earrings, and there are some support options for the ear so that wearing earrings is not as damaging. These can usually be found in a major retailer. 

Lastly, earrings should be put on after putting on attire, and taken off before removing attire. This can help to minimize tearing and ripping as well.

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