How to keep your eyes looking bright and white


Eyes are the window to the soul, so making sure they look bright and white is a goal that most try to attain. However, it can be a little bit difficult for those who have sensitive eyes due to allergies and/or other potential irritants. For those who wear contacts and or don’t get enough sleep, this can be an issue as well. So what can one do to help keep their eyes look great?

One way is to keep yourself and your eyes hydrated. This can be done by making sure one consumes an adequate amount of water. This helps to make sure that eyes do not become easily dried out. It also helps the body to help the eyes produce enough tears and other natural eye fluids. When eyes are dry they have a tendency to turn red or itch from irritation. Eye drops can help when needed to return moisture to eyes. Drinks such as coffee and other beverages that are known to zap moisture from the body should be avoided.

Eating a diet that is rich in beta carotenes is also a safe bet for keeping eyes looking beautiful. Beta carotenes help to nourish the eyes and keep eye damage at bay. Common sources of beta carotenes are any orange and/or red colored fruits and vegetables such as carrots and orange bell peppers.

If one smokes and/or consumes alcohol this can also greatly contribute to eyes looking dull. Smoking can irritate the lungs and the eyes. Over consumption of alcohol affects the liver and in turn can cause the eyes to look yellow.

Another tip is to use cool compresses on the eyes. Using a towel dipped in ice water, or cucumbers or even cold eye mask can help to reduce eye irritation. It can also help to reduce puffiness and swelling. If irritation is due to contacts, one should give their eyes a brief rest from them, and also contact their optometrist.

These are just a few of the simple yet easy ways one can help their eyes to look great.

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