Caring for your newborn's skin


Newborns are all around delicate, especially their skin. Babies are fresh to the earth, and their skin is highly sensitive and fragile. This is especially due to the fact that they have been enveloped in amniotic fluid for nine months give or take. Their skin is also freshly formed and has not been exposed to the many elements. This is why great care has to be taken into making sure their delicate skin gets delicate care.

When using any skin care products, it is best to use products that are as natural as possible, and scent free. Or, if scent is desired, one should use products that have natural scents such as essential oils. These products should also be specifically designed for newborn/infant skin. This is because, it is of a milder grade than typical skin care products.

Use care when it comes to what type of detergent is used when washing a newborn’s clothes and other items. Again, detergents that are made especially for babies are a good choice. Or use scent free and dye free detergents to avoid chemicals that may be too harsh for your newborn’s skin.

When bathing a newborn, one should take care as to what temperature water they should use.  The temperature should be slightly warm, never very hot or very cold. A good way to test a perfect temperature is to test water temperature by dipping the inside of the elbow in the water. Cold water should be ran first and then the hot water, and mixed together evenly to avoid hot spots. A gentle sponge bath with perhaps a little soap should be good enough to wash the newborn. Newborns don’t need to be bathed often, so this should be considered when it comes to bath time.

Lastly, parents should keep an eye out for any sign of irritation and/or rashes and talk to a physician on how to care for them if they arise.

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