Fall facial care tips


Maintaining good skin in the fall and cooler season requires a bit of a different regime than one would employ during the warmer seasons. The drastic drop in temperature along with the different elements involved can wreak havoc on the facial skin. However with proper care and a cooler temperature regime, a woman’s skin can look great no matter the season.

One tip is to up the increase of water. Skin, especially on the face tends to dry out more in the cooler seasons. This is due to the cooler temperatures combined with the element of wind. By consuming more water, this helps to reduce the risk of dryness of the skin. It also helps to prevent skin injury due to dryness such as cracks and bleeding. Keeping hydrated also helps the skin to maintain the glow that is usually acquired during the warm season.

Products that are used on the facial skin in the fall should be geared more towards keeping the skin hydrated. These products should be as natural as possible and contain fruit and vegetable extracts as well as skin hydrating vitamins such as vitamin E. This helps to feed the skin cells vital minerals and nutrients to keep it looking its best. Creams and thicker facial moisturizers should be used for deeper penetration and long lasting coverage. Facial moisturizers that are intended for overnight treatment are also an added bonus. This allows for skin to be rejuvenated and moisturized while sleeping, adding double protection. Facial scrubs can also be added to the regime. A weekly facial scrub helps to exfoliate any dry and/or rough patches that may be on the skin, which again helps skin to maintain its glow.

Lastly, don’t skip on the sunscreen. The sun may not be as bright or as hot during the cooler season as it during the warmer seasons. However, this does not mean that the sun rays do not affect the cells of the skin.

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