How to stay fit and trim during the fall


During the summer months, it can be a little bit easier to stay in shape. Food that is typically eaten during the summer is lighter and fresher in content. More time is spent outdoors, and there are many activities that can be done that help to keep one in shape. However, in the fall it is not so easy. The temperature is slightly cooler and in some instances colder than desired. The dark hour approaches sooner, and richer foods are back on the menu.

So, how can one keep fit and trim despite cooler temperatures and temptations of pumpkin pies and gravy laden biscuits?  One way is to enjoy the many outside fall activities that are available.  In the fall there are many activities that one can do such as picking apples, walking through pumpkin patches, and going through corn mazes. The cooler weather can also make exercises such as walking more comfortable. If it is too cold or wet and rainy for one’s particular liking, exercise can be performed indoors. Fall chores such as raking leaves and cleaning gutters can also help to burn off calories as well as be a form of exercise.

One can also eat lower calorie versions of fall treats. When baking pumpkin pies, apple pies and other treats, one should look for lower calorie versions of their favorites. If ordering a decadent drink from one’s favorite café, one can ask for a lite version of their preferred drinks. Also sipping warm water throughout the day that contains a slice of lemon can help one to stay warm yet slightly detox. It can also help one to minimize the desire to drink a rich latte or other rich drinks.

These are just a few of the ways one can stay fit and trim during the fall season.

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