Keeping your hands soft when it's coooold out!


The cooler seasons are upon us, and for most women this can mean dry, cracked skin. This is especially true for skin that is easily exposed to the elements such as the hands. This can cause them to become severely dry and cracked if not tended to. In some cases this can even lead to bleeding. So as the fall temperatures drop, there are some things that can be done to protect the hands.

One, is to not use very hot water when washing the hands. Hot water can further dry out, already dryness prone hands. Mildly warm water will suffice to remove germs from hands without dehydration. Also, when washing the hands, one should choose a moisturizing hand soap. These can include a pure glycerin soap, or soap with moisturizing ingredients such as shea butter, and/or milk and honey.

Secondly, moisturizers with a thicker consistency should be used. This allows for deeper penetration beyond the first layer of skin. With this being said, moisturizers should be free of mineral oils. Moisturizing products that have a mineral oil base, only sit on the top layer of the skin. Mineral oils are also known to dry out and irritate skin. Cuticle oil should also be rubbed into the nails and into the cuticles for extra protection.

Third and last, the hands should be protected from the elements. One does not have to wait until the winter time to wear gloves.  Cool autumn winds are enough to chaff the skin on the hands. While the gloves chosen do not have to be thick winter gloves, they should provide adequate coverage   of the hands.  Gloves that are created for cleaning should also be worn when performing household tasks such as cleaning and doing dishes.

These are just a few of the ways that a woman can keep her hands soft and in great condition during the cooler season.



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  • Alex Pieles
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