Dental health during pregnancy


Maintaining good dental health is recommended for women throughout life and as part of a good health care regime. However, dental health during pregnancy is very important due to the impact it can have on the developing fetus and the pregnancy as a whole.  During pregnancy, the extra hormones that are produced put the woman more at risk for gum disease. Gum disease during pregnancy has been shown to affect the development of the unborn child. Gum disease can also contribute to a higher risk of experiencing preterm labor and other complications.

This is why physicians and fertility specialists tell women who are considering working on getting pregnant to get preconception dental checkups. This allows for a chance to get one’s dental health in optimum condition. Getting deep cleanings, root canals, x-rays and fillings are typically better procedures to get done while not pregnant according to dentists and physicians. It also allows for the dentist to discuss how to maintain dental health during pregnancy. The dentist and/or physician may also consult the woman on what dental changes are common during pregnancy.

During the pregnancy, women should make sure that they eat plenty of fruits and vegetables especially those high in vitamin C. Getting the right amount of vitamins and nutrients can help gums from becoming susceptible to infection. Gums are already very tender due to fluctuating hormones. Care should also be taken to brush, and floss a little more often than when not pregnant. One should also limit their amount of sugar as excess sugar can cause cavities. Care should be taken to document any dental issues that seem abnormal and be discussed with a physician. A woman should also make sure to get dental checkups throughout the pregnancy as recommended.  Following the above recommendations can help to make sure that both mother and baby experience a healthy gestational period. 

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