Removing makeup stains from clothing



 It’s inevitable, you are changing your clothes, and after you slip off your clothing you realize that your makeup came off with your favorite top. It can also happen while applying makeup, if you put your clothes on before or after application. So what can you do to prevent your favorite makeup from ruining your favorite clothes?


One, you need to treat the stain like you would any other oil based stain, and that means treatment of the stain needs to be quick.  However, not makeup is oil based (more on that later). When the stain is seen, it should be blotted in a way as to lift the makeup out of the fabric.  It should not be rubbed in as this can further burrow the stain in the fabric, making it even harder to be removed.

Next, treat the stain appropriately, and according to the type of care the fabric requires. If the item is dry clean only, the article of clothing should be taken as soon as possible to the cleaners. If the item is able to be washed and dried in a normal fashion, then care prior to washing can be applied. For cosmetics such as mascara, and eyeliner one can pretreat with a drop of dish liquid and water.  Blush, eye shadow, foundation and other non-oil based cosmetics can be treated by pretreating with laundry detergent. The item should be then laundered based on its material.

Last but not least, prevention is one of the best ways to prevent makeup from ruining clothes.  This can be done by wearing a robe that can be removed without having to be taken off over the head. If makeup is applied after being dressed, one can wear a robe or cape over their clothing during application.  When removing clothes, something can be also placed over the face such as an old t-shirt while the top is pulled off.


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  • Alex Pieles
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