How to stop split ends from ruining your style


When it comes to making sure your hair looks great in any style, keeping split ends at bay can go a long way. Split ends can make otherwise fabulous hair styles look raggedy and unkempt.  Split ends can be caused by a myriad of things.  One is using too much heat on the hair in the form of blow dryers, curling irons, flat irons and other heat styling tools. Another cause of split ends is using too many chemical applications on the hair such as perms and color. Lastly, split ends can be caused by hair not being properly hydrated and/or groomed.

So what can one to do to minimize having their hair wrecked by split ends? One way is to limit how much heat is applied to the hair.  Too many heat applications can dry the hair out and cause the ends of the hair to split. Women should give their hair a break from heat at least two to three times a week by styling their hair in a way that does not require heat.  Chemical applications should also be limited by alternating chemical treatments versus applying both color and perm in one setting at the salon. If possible, women should also choose between a color and perm versus having both.  Hair should also be kept moisturized by using moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. A deep conditioning treatment and/or hot oil treatment also helps to make sure hair ends don’t split. Hair serums, oil sheens, and other products are a good idea as well. Also making sure to drink plenty of water aids in keeping hair hydrated as well. Lastly, making sure to brush and comb the hair daily, along with proper detangling will keep hair looking great. Also, women should be sure to get their ends clipped every four to six weeks by a professional stylist to help minimize and avoid style stealing split ends.

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