The benefits of parental massage


Massage is a welcomed treatment by most if not all people because of its relaxing, stress and tension relieving benefits. Certain types of massages can also aid in the detoxifying of the body which allows for a renewed feeling and better overall health.  So, one can imagine the benefit of prenatal massage on an expecting mother. Especially due to the fact that a pregnant woman’s body is going through many changes on many levels.

One of the greatest benefits of prenatal massage is that it promotes relaxation. During pregnancy the woman’s body is working very hard. This can cause a woman to become very uncomfortable and have trouble sleeping amongst other issues. Prenatal massage can help the mother’s body to relax and help to relieve some of the discomforts of pregnancy. Massage can also help to promote better sleep in pregnant women. It also allows for a moment, the mother to think pleasant thoughts, because pregnancy while sometimes a joyous occasion can also be a stressful time for other mothers.

Prenatal massage can also soothe any pain that a pregnant mother may be experiencing. Many women, especially as they get further along experience pain in the lower back, hips and legs. A pregnant woman may also experience joint pain. Massage can help the joints to relax, and any painful knots to be relaxed that may exist in the lower back and hips etc.

Lastly, certain types of prenatal massage can help the pregnant woman’s body cope with the new volume of fluid that is in her body.  During pregnancy, the woman’s blood volume doubles, and other fluids are produced to help the fetus grow and develop. Massage can aid the fluids in flowing correctly throughout the body without stagnation which can cause swelling. These are just a few of the ways that prenatal massage can be of great benefit to pregnant women.  Even those there are many benefits to prenatal massage, the pregnant mother should check with her physician to make sure that a massage is okay for her.


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