A new year, a new way to keep your feet soft?


Every woman loves how soft her feet feel after receiving a professional pedicure at her favorite nail salon. The time between pedicures can be a downer for many women because most lose that softness they experience after leaving the salon. However, there are things that a woman can do to help keep her feet softer, longer.

One way that a woman can keep her feet softer between pedicures is daily exfoliation. This can be done during the daily shower time. This can be done by rubbing in a salt or sugar scrub in a circular motion all over the feet and then wash the scrub off. This will help to exfoliate any dead skin that has accumulated, and minimize its build up. One should exercise caution when doing this as some exfoliating products can make the tub and/or shower slippery.

Another way a woman can keep her feet soft between pedicures is by keeping the feet moisturized. Keeping the feet moisturized keeps dry skin at bay. When dry skin especially on the feet is untreated, it can lead to cracked skin and callouses. Making sure to use lotion or other moisturizer on the feet post shower is a great way to keep this from happening. Weekly overnight deep moisturizing treatments are also of great benefit. Using a thick cream or body butter on the feet and then putting socks on and wearing them overnight is the way to do an overnight treatment. A warm oil treatment is also a great treatment as well. This can be done by slightly warming a vegetable oil, and rubbing it into the feet, and then wrapping the feet in warm towels. The warm oil will deeply penetrate the skin on the feet.

These are just some of the simple ways that a woman can keep her feet looking and feeling great in between salon treatments.

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