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Keeping the breath fresh can sometimes be a daunting challenge. It’s hard to really know if your breath smells like spearmint or skunk unless you have just freshly brushed your teeth. This is especially true during the day, as so many things can cause bad breath. Things such as dry mouth, coffee, onions, garlic, gas, intestinal bacteria, amongst others all can cause bad breath. So what should one do?

Well first things first, one should maintain proper oral hygiene. Brushing teeth at least twice a day and after each meal helps to keep the breath smelling great. It is important that all food particles and bad breath causing bacteria are removed from the mouth through brushing the teeth. Flossing and using an alcohol free mouth wash with each brushing also helps to clean in the hard to reach places. Also, one should make sure to brush the tongue or use a tongue scraper to get any bad breath causing bacteria off of the tongue. Getting a routine cleaning at the dentist every six months also helps to make sure there are no infections, as well as provides a deep cleaning.

One should also consume a healthy diet. Certain foods such as raw apples and carrots help to clean in between teeth. Vegetables such as broccoli, cauliflower and cabbage help to sweep the digestive tract clean. Food particles and bacteria in the gut when left lingering can cause bad breath to occur. Drinking mint tea and/or chewing fresh mint also helps to keep breath fresh. Staying properly hydrated, and minimizing dehydrating and odor causing foods also help to keep breath fresh.

If, despite adhering to the above tips, one’s breath is still odorous, one should contact their physician. Bad breath can sometimes be a result of a medical condition and/or prescription medications.

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