Removing stains from dark nail polish


Fall is soon upon us, which means bright and color nail polishes are traded in for dark and rich colors such as plums and browns. While these colors are very beautiful, they can also wreak havoc on the nails by causing them to become stained. This is especially true if the nail polish is worn for extended amounts of time. However there are many ways that one can wear fall colored nail polish, and minimize and sometimes avoid stained nails.

One way that one can avoid stained nails is by making sure that one puts on two to three coats of a base polish on. This allows for a protective barrier between the nails and the color of the polish. Second do not leave dark colored polish on the nails for a very long time. The longer the nail polish stays on, the more the nails are at risk for becoming stained. The nail polish should be removed every four to five days or so. It can be removed sooner if it starts to chip. Another coat of polish should not be placed on top of the old polish, when it begins to chip. When the polish is being removed, care should be taken to remove all polish. If needed a quick swipe of lemon juice will help to remove any dark stains that may have occurred. Also, make sure to keep nails moisturized with a conditioning oil such as cuticle oil. When nails are properly moisturized, it keeps nails from becoming more porous. This is especially true when the weather gets cooler and colder, as nails dry out easier in the cooler times of year. When nails are too porous, it causes the nail polish to penetrate the nail and cause staining.

Following the above tips should help one to have great looking nails through the fall and subsequent. If discoloration persists, please check with a physician to make sure discoloration is not due to injury or illness.

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