How to stay energized while pregnant


Pregnancy can be very exhausting for a woman.  The body is hard at work for nine to ten months due to the multiple processes that are taking place.  During pregnancy, new hormones are being produced to sustain and nurture the developing fetus. The woman’s body is working to produce and nurture the developing fetus’s body systems. The woman is also putting on weight, and her blood volume is doubling and her breasts are going through changes to produce breast milk. Lastly, a placenta is also being produced which is just like another organ, which is in place to support the growing fetus.  This can all make a pregnant very fatigued very easily.

So what can a woman do to help her stay energized throughout her pregnancy?   One way is to eat right during pregnancy. This can be hard for some women as many pregnant women experience intense cravings. The foods that are craved are usually high in fat and calories but devoid in nutrients. It is better to eat a diet that is balanced and healthy. This will satisfy hunger and provide energy.  Taking the daily prenatal vitamin along with the proper diet is also beneficial.

Proper rest is also beneficial. Pregnancy can be uncomfortable and lead to sleep loss due to being uncomfortable. However frequent napping throughout the day, and going to bed as early as possible will also help to provide energy.

Daily exercise such as walking also helps to provide the body with good energy, and helps to reduce the amount of weight put on by the pregnant woman. When less weight is carried, the pregnant woman usually has more energy.  A pregnant woman should also avoid caffeinated beverages for boosts of energy. Caffeinated beverages such as coffee and others can have harmful effects on the developing baby. If fatigue seems too extreme and is accompanied by other symptoms such as shortness of breath and/or dizziness medical advice should be sought immediately.


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