Keeping your lips kissably soft


Having soft lips are a necessity in the life of a woman. Soft lips make for more intimate kisses with a partner, kissing new born babies and loved ones. They also make for making a great colored lipstick or lip gloss look even better.  So how can one make sure they keep their lips nice and soft? It is very easy to do by following a few tips that we will go over below.

One tip is to brush your lips. Yes, you heard right! After you finish brushing your teeth, make sure to give your lips a quick brush as well. This helps to remove any dead and/or dry skin that may be on the lips. This should be done after one has brushed their teeth and then rinsed off their toothbrush. This helps to remove any toothpaste that can be drying to the lips. Then one can give their lips a quick and gentle brush on the lips.  Twice a day is sufficient to keep lips from becoming too caked up with dead and dry skin.  A light coat of moisturizing lip gloss or lipstick can be applied afterwards.

Another tip is to exfoliate the lips every once in a while with a homemade lip scrub. There are many recipes online for lip scrubs. However, a gentle yet efficient recipe is made simply of sugar and honey. Just mix a tablespoon of honey with a little bit of sugar to make it blend together. Rub it into the lips and then let it set on the lips for about one minute.  Then wipe off with a warm cloth, and then apply a lip balm. This should be done only once a month.

Lastly, use lip products that are have naturally moisturizing ingredients such as cocoa, mango and shea butters. Also avoid habits such as licking the lips, and picking at dead skin on the lips. These tips will help keep your lips soft and kissable.

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