Postpartum and how to deal with it


The postpartum period can be a delicate time for many mothers. The mother has just gone through approximately nine months (or shorter) of growing a baby within their womb. Labor and delivery may or may not have been just as the mother pictured it. There is also a new baby to take care of. This is all coupled with the hormonal changes that come with the postpartum period. The mother also has to get used to a new post-pregnancy body. This is what makes the postpartum period very delicate for new mothers. Some mothers get through this period and seem to manage just fine. Others, including celebrity moms sometimes experience postpartum issues. This can range from postpartum blues to full blown postpartum depression.

Symptoms of postpartum depression can include: emotional emptiness, disconnection from their baby, extreme sadness, extreme anger and/or irritability. More severe postpartum issues may manifest as mothers thinking of killing themselves and/or their baby, thinking of killing other family members.

Famous celebrities who have battled postpartum depression include Gwyneth Paltrow, Lisa Rinna, Carnie Wilson and Marie Osmond. It can be hard to believe that behind the post baby photo shoots, makeup and glitz and glam that some celebrity mothers were suffering postpartum issues. However, just like other mothers, they are still mothers who just gave birth. This requires adjustment in and out of the public eye.

Regardless to if a new mom is a celebrity or not, education on the postpartum period should be implemented into prenatal education. Also, a postpartum wellness support system should be put in place before the birth of the baby. A good support system which consists of medical professionals and family members can help to minimize the impact of postpartum depression. If a mother is experiencing any symptoms of postpartum, she or a family member should seek professional care immediately.

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