Choosing the right lotion for your skin type


When a woman goes into the lotion aisle at her favorite retail store, she will encounter many different brands and types of lotions to choose from. This can be overwhelming, especially if she is looking for the right kind for her skin. She may be even more overwhelmed, if she has tried different brands only for them to not work as well as she likes. So what should be done in a case like this?

                  Well for starters, a woman should determine what her skin type is. Not all lotions work the same for all skin types. Just as all facial moisturizers are not for all facial skin types. Women should also note that sometimes their body skin type may be different from their facial skin type. If a woman has dry skin, she should look for thick lotions. Types of lotions that are thick and creamy in nature sometimes go under the term body butter, and/or crèmes. Lotions that contain vegetable butters such as cocoa butter, shea butter and/or mango butters will help to deeply moisturize and heal dry skin. Lotions that contain ingredients that are drying to the skin such as alcohol should be avoided. If one has oily skin, lotions are still needed to keep the skin balanced and healthy. Instead of heavy, dense lotions, a woman with oily skin should opt for a light weight lotion. Ones that are oil free, are especially great to keep skin balanced. For normal skin types, a lotion that is light in weight is also the best choice as well. If your skin is sensitive along with being one of the aforementioned types, try to find a lotion that is natural and free from scents.

                  Women who need help finding a good lotion for their body type should also seek the recommendations of her dermatologist.


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  • Alex Pieles
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