Eat well for breastfeeding!


Being a mom can be hard work, especially if you are a breastfeeding mother. Many women may think that when it comes to breastfeeding, that only thing going on is the baby nursing. However, there is a lot going on. For one, breastmilk production is a hormonal process. This simply means that once the birth of a baby happens, the hormones of the mom switch over which allow the milk to be produced. Secondly there is an energetic component. Breastfeeding can be an exhaustive process for some mothers. This can be a result of the nutrients that go into breastmilk are in part drawn from the mother’s body. It can also be a result of not enough rest to support diet, as well as hormonal and dietary reasons. Breastmilk production is also a result of supply and demand, the more a baby nurses, increases the amount of breastmilk that is being produced.

This is why it is important for breastfeeding mothers to eat a healthy and well balanced diet. Many moms after having a baby, would like to immediately start working on getting back to their pre pregnancy weight. They usually want to jump start this process by cutting back on caloric intake. Most physicians advise that nursing women need to consume five hundred more calories per day than a non- breastfeeding woman. A woman should consume a diet that is full of fresh fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats and proteins. This allows for the mother’s nutritional reserves to be replenished. Limiting dehydrating drinks such as coffee, and opting instead for hydrating fluids such as milk and water. Coffee and other dehydrating beverages can impact the amount of milk that is produced. Foods and beverages that agitate the nursing baby should be avoided as well. Mothers should also work with their lactation counselor and physician to make sure they are eating right for breastfeeding.


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  • Alex Pieles
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