Dry skin brushing


The skin is the largest organ of the body, and it needs good care and maintenance to look and function at its best. One of the ways to care for and maintain great skin is with dry skin brushing. Dry skin brushing is the act of firmly brushing the skin with a dry brush before getting in the shower or taking a bath. The brush that is used for this process is a natural bristled brush that has bristles made from boar and/or vegetable fibers. This brush is also made specifically for dry skin brushing, and usually has a long handle that can be detached and allows for all over brushing. Skin brushing is done by brushing gently yet firmly from the feet up to the heart in long strokes.

                  Skin brushing allows for dead skin to be exfoliated from the body, which allows for healthy skin cells to regenerate themselves. This also allows for skin to maintain a healthy glow. Built up toxins such as from environmental factors are also removed from the skin. The skin is also able to breathe better. Dry skin brushing also helps the skin to break down fatty tissue which has clumped together underneath the skin. This fatty tissue is more commonly known as cellulite, and skin brushing allows for the more even deposit of the fatty tissue. The lymphatic system is also improved, due to the improved circulation that is stimulated by the brushing. This allows for the removal of more cellular toxins, along with waste removal via the lymph nodes. This correlates to better immune functioning and general improved well-being. Digestion and other body systems are improved as well due to being indirectly stimulated from dry skin brushing. Lastly, dry skin brushing is proved to be invigorating and stimulating due to the improved blood flow.

While skin brushing has many benefits, one should check for any health contraindications that advise against the benefits before starting a regime.


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  • Alex Pieles
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