Digestive health tips for women


When it comes to maintaining digestive health, women have more concerns than men do. This is in part due to fluctuating hormones, and childbearing. Digestive discomforts seem to affect women more around the time of their menstrual cycles as well as during and after pregnancy. The onset of menopause also can affect the functioning of the digestive system. Common digestive complaints of women include heartburn, nausea, bloating, diarrhea and constipation.

So what should a woman do to make sure that her digestive system works as smoothly as possible no matter what stage of life she is in? The first thing that a woman should do is make sure she eats well. Certain foods such as fatty, fried and greasy foods can cause digestive upsets such as heartburn, indigestion and/or loose bowel movements. Highly processed foods and foods laden with sugar and/or salt can also cause digestive health issues. These foods can cause intestinal cramping, and also do not provide the required fiber that is needed by the digestive system.  A well balanced diet should include plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. These foods contribute fiber, are easy to digest and help to keep the intestines from becoming backed up. Speaking of food, any foods that make a woman’s digestive system upset should be eliminated from the diet to help prevent upset. Probiotics in the form of yogurt and/or supplementation should be added to the diet to help keep the digestive tract full of good bacteria. Hydration as well as at least 30 minutes of low impact exercise also are of benefit to keeping things moving along smoothly.

Adherence to the aforementioned tips by women throughout the stages of their life will help them to avoid many common digestive upsets experienced by women.  Any extensive concerns should immediately be attended to by a medical professional for further diagnosis and treatment. 

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  • Alex Pieles
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