How to maintain a healthy scalp



When it comes to making sure your hair looks great, styling tools, products and your favorite hair style are not the only things that should be considered.  Your scalp, from which your hair grows is also key to making sure your hair grows healthy and looks great. When the scalp is not properly maintained it can lead to conditions such as dandruff, hair loss, infection, psoriasis and other issues. A improperly maintained scalp can also be too oily or too dry which also contributes to oily and/or dry hair. When the scalp is healthy, it is thick, loose and shiny which ensures a balanced hair type.

To make sure that the scalp stays healthy there are a few things that should be done. One thing that should be done is maintain a proper diet. Consuming foods that are high in nutrients helps the scalp to function properly and maintain balanced. Consuming six to eight glasses of water per day is also of benefit as it helps to keep the scalp properly hydrated. Care should also be taken to massage the scalp daily with the fingertips as this will help improve blood circulation to the scalp. This can sometimes be done with light oil, so that the scalp stays properly moisturized. Minimizing the amount of chemical treatments also helps to keep the scalp in good condition. Daily brushing, regular washing and deep conditioning treatments help to keep the hair and scalp balanced. Hair and scalp should not be washed using too cold or too hot water temperatures. Outside of a healthy scalp regime, care should be taken to wear hairstyles that are not tight on the scalp. Allowing the scalp to breath, by taking a break from wearing headscarves and/or hats on a consistent basis is also of benefit as well.

If any changes to the scalp such as extreme dryness, tenderness, itchiness, scaling etc. are observed, one should immediately consult a physician and/or dermatologist.

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