Your nails are more important to your health than you think!


When a woman thinks of her nails some of the first things that came to her mind are that she needs a manicure, a pedicure, or she wants to try a new polish or design. She may also think about whether or not she wants to apply false fingernails for a different look. However, women need to look at their nails as more than a fashion accessory. Both finger nails as well as toe nails can mirror what is going on inside of the body. Women should always keep an eye out for changes in texture, shape, and color of their nails. Healthy nails are typically pink in color with a smooth surface. However, when something is going on with the body symptoms such as lines, ridges, spots, tinges of varying colors can be signs of a serious underlying health issue. Dried, cracking, and peeling nails can also be a sign of health concern.

Some of the common diseases that manifest symptoms via the appearance of nails are hepatitis, heart disease, lung problems, anemia, lupus and even cancer. Nails can also change appearance due to not getting enough vital vitamins and nutrients in the diet. Typical nutrient deficiencies that affect nails are deficiencies in vitamin C, vitamin A, and iron. If there is a bacterial or fungal infection in the body or on/in the nails it will usually show up as discoloration. Injury to the nail bed may also cause discoloration and/or change in appearance.

Women should take care to monitor any changes in their nail color, shape and texture. Going without nail polish on both hands and feet for some time can be helpful to monitor nail color. Taking time to inspect texture and shape changes is also of benefit. If there are any changes in shape, color, and/or texture, medical attention should be sought.


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  • Alex Pieles
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