To dye or not to dye, that is the question...


Just because a woman is pregnant, does not mean that she wants to give up looking and feeling good. In fact keeping up one’s appearance can help a woman feel better about her changing body. Many women pre pregnancy have perhaps dyed their hair to help it look better and/or for fun. However, many wonder if they can keep up their color therapy during pregnancy. Well the answer is yes, and no.

Why yes and no? Well for one, due to baby’s developing organs and life systems, it is recommended that pregnant women wait until their second trimester to continue hair color treatments. This means that women will have to forgo their hair color during very early pregnancy. There are many chemicals in some hair dyes that can harm fetal development. Women who are prone to miscarriage should consult their physicians to be sure that any treatment is safe. With that being said, women should look for safer, more natural hair color options that can get the job done. This may require talking to the hair stylist as well as doing personal research for safer products. Pregnant women must also keep in mind that their hair texture and type may even change during the course of their pregnancy. This can require a switch up of product brands during the course of the pregnancy. Women who are pregnant and are coloring their hair should also be mindful of other chemical hair processing treatment. This is because the chemicals that the mother applies to hair, skin and otherwise seeps into the body. These chemicals can in turn adversely affect the developing fetus.

When in doubt, pregnant women should check with their physician and/or midwife about what types of hair processing chemicals are dangerous. If need be, women can bring in their hair color box in to their care provider for assistance.

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  • Alex Pieles
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