How do you keep your reproductive system healthy?


Maintaining good reproductive system health should be on the forefront of every woman’s mind when it comes to overall health maintenance. Making sure the reproductive system stays healthy should not only be thought of when it comes to the menstrual cycle, pregnancy and/or menopause. Reproductive health maintenance also goes beyond pap smears and pelvic exams and monthly breast exams, albeit important. The health of a woman’s reproductive system also affects the rest of her body, and can contribute to the shortening and/or lengthening of a woman’s life span.

One way a woman can make sure that her reproductive system stays as healthy as possible is to make sure she practices good hygiene. Women should avoid cleansing their vagina with packaged douches, and vaginal sprays. Scented sanitary napkins and tampons should also be avoided. These products are usually full of toxic ingredients which can inflame the sensitive lining of the reproductive tract. This can lead to infection and pelvic inflammatory disease. Proper wiping of the genital region after using the bathroom (which is front to back), also helps prevent bacteria from the anal area infect the vagina. Tight underwear and clothing should also be avoided to help prevent infection. The amount of sexual partners a woman has should also be limited. The more sexual partners a woman has, the more at risk she is for acquiring a sexually transmitted disease. It also puts her at a higher risk for acquiring a type of reproductive cancer. Using condoms and limiting the amount of partners helps to reduce the risk. Lifestyle habits such as smoking, consuming alcohol and little exercise also impact reproductive health. Women who smoke and drink increase their risk for cancer of the reproductive system. Obesity and lack of exercise also affect proper hormone production which can lead to reproductive health issues.

Paying attention to these important tips and limiting behaviors that can adversely affect the reproductive system will help to maintain the overall health of a woman.

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  • Angie Hanson
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