How to properly care for your feet...


When it comes to foot care, many woman think the occasional pedicure is all that is needed to make sure that their feet are healthy. However in this day and age many women are abusing their feet. This abuse is usually done through wearing improper shoes and/or very high heels. Weight gain can also cause pressure and damage to feet. Overtime this can cause severe damage to the feet. The damage can end up becoming so severe that only surgery would be able to correct the damage down by incorrect foot care.

                  Thanks to many celebrities wearing very high heels, many women want to do the same. However wearing sky high stilettos are very damaging to the feet. High heels can cause foot issues such as bunions, improper weight distribution, and increased pressure on the foot. Heels that are three inches can cause up to a 75 percent increase in pressure on the foot. High heels also usually cause the toes to be squeezed into small spaces which can cause bunions, blisters and corns. Ill-fitting shoes are also another problem. Shoes that are too small or require toes to be crammed into small places can cause issues such as hammer toes, plantar fasciitis, and permanent damage to the tendons in the feet. Shoes should always be properly fitted, especially during and after pregnancy as pregnancy can cause significant swelling and other changes in the feet.

                  To make sure that feet stay in proper condition, several precautions should be taken. One is that feet are sized properly at least every six months to make sure shoes are the right size. Heels over two inches in height should not be worn, and there should be enough room in the shoe for the toes to fit properly. Foot issues that seem to worsen should be immediately addressed by a physician or orthopedist. Home maintenance such as foot soaks, exfoliation, and moisturizing also help to keep feet in great condition.

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  • Angie Hanson
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