How to Safely Bathe Your Baby


Knowing how to safely bathe a baby, is one of the most pertinent skills that should be mastered by parents. This is especially true if they are new parents, and are getting used to bathing a baby for the first time. When it comes to bathing a baby, there are many things that should be taken into consideration to make sure that bath time is safe for all involved. The things that should be taken into consideration are the age of the baby, bath tub size, temperature of room and water, as well as bathing products. The infant must always be supervised by an adult to avoid injury and/or drowning.

First make sure the bathroom or the room where you are bathing your baby is a comfortable temperature. It should not be too warm nor too cold. Making sure the bathing room is the right temperature helps to minimize the risk of the baby’s body temperature dropping too low once out of the water. Next, the proper bath tub should be utilized. When purchasing a bath tub, parents should select the one appropriate for their infant. This tub should be placed inside a body of water which has been comfortably mixed with hot and cold water. Never place an infant in the tub while running the bat water. It should be mixed thoroughly as to make sure no hot spots are in the water which can burn the infant. To test the temperature parents can use a thermometer to make sure the water is not too hot. The water should be under 90 degrees Fahrenheit, and only 3-5 inches in depth. Gentle cleansers that are suited for infants should be used, tearless products are best. Once the baby is done being bathed, the infant should be wrapped in towel and clothed as soon as possible to avoid loss of body heat.

Following the aforementioned tips can help bath time be a safe and clean time for parents and their infant.


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  • Dan Canfield
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