3 things to know when taking care of your newborn


After 9 months, you deliver a bouncing baby boy or girl and it is the most rewarding experience to any mother.  If this is your first pregnancy, you must quickly learn how to take care of the baby. 

Helping the baby to have plenty of rest

It is true that newborn babies require a lot of rest so that they can continue to grow and become strong. Newborn babies require 16 hours of rest every day. Unfortunately, some babies have their day and nights confused. They may not sleep at night but instead choose to sleep during the day. To help baby, limit the light in the room at night and talk in low tones. The baby should be placed to sleep on their back to lower the risk of SIDS.  Also, ensure that you alternate the baby’s leaning on the left and right side, this helps to eliminate soft spots that may appear if the baby spends his time sleeping while the head is in one position.

Breastfeeding the baby

If possible, it is best to try to breastfeed your baby.  When breastfeeding, the baby should be held in such a way that their body is turned towards you and their chest is held towards the mother's chest. Ensure that you touch the baby's upper lip with the nipple until they open their mouth.  Let the mouth cover a bigger portion of the nipple and allow them to start breastfeeding.  A well fed baby will wet their diapers 6- 8 times per day. If you have no idea of how this can be done, let a nurse show you the best breastfeeding positions. Feeding the baby can take up to forty minutes. The baby should be breastfed every four hours.

Using Diapers

Diapers are important regardless of whether you choose to use the disposable ones or the cloth type. They are essential to anyone who is planning to take care of the newborn child. Be prepared to change the diapers 8-10 times a day. In addition to this, you must use diaper ointments to prevent rushes. Lastly, ensure that you allow the baby to stay without diapers for a few hours in a day. 

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