3 most common post pregnancy issues for mama

3 most common post pregnancy issues for mama

After delivery, physical recovery may take some time. If you underwent a C-section, the stitches may take longer before they heal and you will probably also be required to take painkillers for some time. However, with vaginal delivery, the mother may not need to take painkillers unless there are other complications.  In either case, the body may require a nutritious diet, and enough rest and sleep to help it recover. 

Here are the most common things you may see going on with your body:

  1. Vaginal Bleeding

After birth, a woman may continue experiencing vaginal bleeding for up to six weeks. YOu could experience heavy bleeding including clotting and a foul smell. When the bleeding is recurrent, make sure to see a doctor.


  1. Sore Nipples

Ordinarily, soreness in the nipples should end within the first few days after delivery. However, when it persists, it is important to seek help. It is important since it makes it easier for you to create a latch for the baby and feed properly. If the sore nipples persist, the following are some of the things that you should do to solve the problem.

  • Don’t put on your bra and allow the nipples to get some air after feeding
  • Feed the baby often to make it less ravenous
  • Apply creams and medicine recommended by the doctor.


  1. Breast Engorgement

This refers to the enlargement of the breast after delivery. It happens after the fifth day when you start feeling sensations in the breast. The breast get full with milk and may feel as hard as a rock. The excess milk should be expressed. Use hot towels and ice packs to soothe the breasts.





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