Reading To Your Baby


Most parents do not think about reading to their children until they are well into toddlerhood. However, when parents read to their infants it is of great benefit to them, even before they are toddlers or able to read themselves.

                  Parents can start reading to their children as newborns. Even though newborns may not fully understand what is being read to them, there are a few things that they can understand. One thing that newborns and young infants can understand is the voice of their parents. They can also understand and respond to the tonal inflictions of their parents’ voice. This is soothing to young infants, as this is what they were used to hearing while in the womb. When newborns are read to, their language skills are more improved than that of children who were not read to as newborns. Children who were read to as newborns are also to found to have larger vocabularies when they get older. Infants who are read to also learn emotions, and the meaning of certain tones going along with certain words. Reading to infants also helps to improve their visual skills. When reading to infants, it allows them to focus on various colors and shapes. This helps to improve their eyesight, as well as help them recognize certain shapes and colors later on in life. Letters that are in the book will also be recognized when seen again, which helps to develop reading skills. When infants are read to, they are also found to start reading on their own earlier than other infants that have not been read to.

                  Outside of the many developmental benefits of reading to infants, reading also helps to develop a love of reading within the infant. Infants will associate reading with fun and bonding. There are many books for parents to read to their infant children, and can be easily found at most major book retailers.

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  • Dan Canfield
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