Keeping Fit During Pregnancy


The minimum amount of daily exercise that is recommended each day for adults is thirty minutes. This amount of recommended daily exercise also extends to pregnancy. Physicians and OB-GYNs alike agree that low impact exercises such as brisk walking, swimming, stationary cycling and low impact aerobics are great for pregnant women. Prenatal yoga that is taught by a certified prenatal yoga instructor is also great and beneficial for pregnant women. For women who led a very physically active lifestyle prior to becoming pregnant, they can continue their activity with approval from their physician.

Exercising and keeping fit during pregnancy has many benefits. One benefit that is welcomed by mostly all pregnant women, is that it helps to minimize pregnancy weight gain. While weight gain is normal during pregnancy due to accommodate the mother’s changing body and developing fetus, exercise helps to keep weight gain due to other reasons in check. Prenatal exercise also helps to reduce the risk of gestational diabetes, and high blood pressure. The risk of constipation and other digestive upsets are also greatly reduced. Exercise during pregnancy is also known to relieve back pain and other aches that come along with pregnancy. Exercise during pregnancy also helps the pregnant woman to build stamina. This increased stamina will be of great use when it comes time to deliver the baby. Prenatal exercise also helps the developing baby as well. Studies have shown that babies who are born to mothers who exercised during pregnancy have stronger hearts, good birth weights and are calmer.

While prenatal exercise has many benefits, there are some precautions to take. Exercise should only be taken in comfortable climates, and with a doctor’s okay. Pregnant women should make sure they have appropriate clothing and shoes and stay hydrated while exercising. Also, a pregnant woman should check for any risk factors with her physician in which exercising during pregnancy is not recommended.

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