Swelling of Hands and Feet While Pregnant


When a woman is pregnant, her body goes through many changes to accommodate the growing fetus. These changes will put her through many discomforts which can include swelling of the hands and feet. Swelling of the hands and the feet while pregnant can be a result of many things such as the growing uterus putting pressure on the veins. This pressure sometimes causes fluids and blood to drain slowly which causes swelling. Also the body is producing fifty percent more blood and other fluids while pregnant. This excess fluid production helps to make the body especially the ligaments and joints to soften to accommodate the growing fetus. The fluids also increase to support the developing placenta, keep amniotic fluid levels in check, and support fetal development. Fluids are also needed to carry excess waste away. However swelling is not only limited to the feet, but sometimes extends to the hands as well. This can cause it to be difficult for rings and other jewelry to fit on the hands and fingers.

To reduce swelling during pregnancy women should get sufficient water intake, and minimize caffeine and sodium intake. Time on one’s feet should also be reduced, and when resting keeping the legs elevated also helps. Pregnant mothers should also wear well-fitting shoes and supportive stockings to reduce swelling. Staying cool as possible can also help as help as sometimes swelling is a result of being too hot.

While some swelling is normal during pregnancy, there are a few signs to watch out for. If any of these signs are exhibited, medical attention should be sought immediately. The signs to look out for are: swelling only on one side of the body, swelling accompanied by headaches and/or fever, vision changes and sensitivity to light. These can all indicate something more severe than normal pregnancy swelling.

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  • Dan Canfield
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