Tummy Time- Essential for Baby’s Development


There are many activities that are essential for baby’s development that involve activities such as games and bright colored toys. However one activity is of great importance for developing babies and that is tummy time. Tummy time is a time when parents or caregivers place an infant on their stomach to play. It is done when the infant is awake and alert. During tummy time, the parent or caregivers sometimes places toys within the infant’s reach to play with. Tummy time can be started when infants are newborns by placing the infant across the lap. When the infant gets a little bit older, it can also be done by placing the infant on a blanket on the floor. Companies that specialize in toys for infant development have also created tummy time activity mats for infants.

Tummy time is essential for infants to help them develop and strengthen body muscles. The muscles that tummy time helps to develop the most are the shoulders and neck. Head muscles are also strengthened and developed. Tummy time also helps to develop fine and gross motor skills. It also helps to prevent infants from developing flat-heads from lying on their backs for too long. Infants who get tummy time on a regular basis are said to achieve developmental milestones earlier than those who don’t. Tummy time helps infants to lift their head, push themselves up, crawl on all fours, scoot on their stomachs as well as sit up with aide. It also helps infants develop motor skills that are needed for walking such as pulling up.

Twenty minutes of tummy time is the recommended daily amount for infants. Tummy time should only be done when infants are alert and awake, and can be supervised. Once the infant gets fussy and/or tired, tummy time should be ended.

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  • Dan Canfield
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